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2 Day - Live Event - Gold Coast

Saturday & Sunday - January 19 & 20 

8:30am for 9am start to 4:30pm each day

A powerful program designed for current team leaders and coaches, to facilitate breakthroughs for clients or team members when they strike blockages in their journey. 

Do you head up a team of people and want to be able to inspire them to transcend personal limitations?

Are you an experienced coach looking to add an effective, proven modality to your coaching?  

With an extensive body of evidence now supporting the impact of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT/Tapping) in the areas of stress reduction, weight, pain and peak performance - EFT for Leaders & Coaches is designed to teach leaders how to use EFT to coach their teams to success. It empowers leaders and coaches to facilitate breakthroughs with their team members whenever they encounter blockages of self-sabotage, self-worth or self-limitation in their journey. 

The EFT for Leaders & Coaches Program...  

Explains the science & theory of EFT in ways that are easy to understand & use.  

  • Breaks down the most powerful aspects of EFT into simple to implement strategies. 
  • Helps you to understand the power of ‘facilitating breakthrough, not forcing change’. 
  • Shows you how to adapt words to create meaningful scripts.  
  • Gives you the skills to coach your client or team to overcome issues including... 

  Stress management, Goal setting, Vision implementation, Fear of Sales, Money and Success blocks, Procrastination, Self-sabotage, Conflict resolution  

Event Details

WHEN: 19 & 20 January, 2019 8:30am - 4:30pm each day  

WHERE: Southport Gold Coast (Address provided upon registration) 

EFT for Business Leaders and Coaches Program includes 

1. 2-day intensive workshop helping you release limitations, whilst learning

2. 6-weekly training Calls to support you hone your EFT expertise in real time

3. Membership to the Secret Facebook group for ongoing questions and support 

4. Guides to help you adapt the words for your specific situation. 

5. Access to a select, handpicked group of EFT therapists for you to refer onto, should your team members require additional therapy or trauma treatment  

About Sally 

"Sally is a passionate facilitator and it was an honour to be in the same space with her." 

Deidre Schill, Mackay, Qld

Sally Thibault has spent over 30 years working in the field of health, wellness, counselling, personal development and coaching. .  

She is a Life Strategist, Facilitator, Professional Speaker, Certified EFT Practitioner & International Master EFT Trainer, Host of the Isn't It Time Weekly Facebook Live Show and holds a Diploma of Professional Counselling.

Sally is the author of two books - Tapping to Reclaim You and David’s Gift Asperger’s Life and Love,  

And Creator of...

The 2 & 20 Principle helping your team implement simple health, energy and productivity strategies to create cohesive, happy successful teams

The Courageous Whole hearted Leadership Workshops facilitating inhouse trainings to help organisations build bridges to equality and success.

The Courageous Feminine Leadership Program, an on-line mentoring program for women to lead with their heart and mind without losing their soul.

The EFT for Leaders & Coaches Training designed exclusively for experienced Coaches or those leading teams.

Sally has been featured extensively in International and Australian media and is currently the weekly Life Coaching Expert on over 20 Radio Stations across Australia.  

Success is Not Changing Who You Are... It's Reclaiming Who You Are  

"Ready to fly - Inspirational, simple, profound technique that everybody needs in their life. 

Sally is a Master of her Trade"  

…. Jackie Isles - Doterra Blue Diamond Leader"

What you’ll experience 


1. Where Science and Magic meet How the science of EFT works, what it is not… and why so many people get it wrong. 

2. Facilitating Breakthroughs, Not Forcing Change Why so many people struggle to effectively implement EFT, and the key element to facilitating breakthroughs, rather than forcing change, for you and your team members.  

3. EFT ‘Facilitating a Break-Though’ Demonstration In this session you will experience ‘facilitating breakthoughs, not forcing change’, followed by hands on supervised practice for you. 

4. What To Do - When You Don’t Know What To Do Next. In this session you will discover how to overcome any doubt of not knowing what to do next, with another key strategy in implementing the principles of EFT, to enable you to use the modality with confidence.  

5. Honing your skills The day will end with a practical, supervised sessions to continue to re-inforce the learnings of the morning.  


1. Finding the Diamonds In this session you will learn how to zero in on the ‘real’ issue and the importance of specificity. How to uncover what they won’t tell you.  

2. How to uncover the sneaky symptoms of self-sabotage This will be a practical demonstration on the elements of self-sabotage, including the Imposter Syndrome.

You will spend time in this session uncovering your own Self-Sabotaging habits and learn how to adapt phrasing to uncover the sneaky symptoms of self sabotage.  

This is a critical aspect of coaching for your clients. Learning to gently uncover self-sabotaging behaviour in a way that the client(s) feel the transformation.  

3. How to Overcome Blocks specific to your Coaching clients In this session we will look at some specifics behind common coaching issues • Overcoming Money issues • Overcoming resistance to sales and fear of rejection • Setting Goals that work • Health and Weight related blocks  

4. How to adapt EFT for you In this session you will create a personal plan to help you recognise and overcome self-sabotage and self-limitations. This session will lay the groundwork for how you can continue to inspire your team to do the same.  

5. What's next for you How you can continue to grow your knowledge of EFT, as a Leader in your business, in your family and in your life.  


2 Day Intensive Training PLUS 6 weeks of follow up training calls.

Access to the Private Facebook Group for daily support

A free copy of Sally's Book Tapping to Reclaim You 

All handouts and supportive documentation 


What People Are Saying: 

"Sally is a true Lifestyle Coach - she listens and learns about you and what you want from life and helps you find and get rid of things that are holding you back so you can be the best version of the true you. " 

Janet Culpitt, Networking With Confidence

"Sally works with people to take them back to a place of unconditional love and acceptance of themselves before the patterns of life took over. " 

Jo Taylor, Tugun


"Sally Thibault is one of the most intuitive, centred, mindful EFT therapists practicing in the field today." 

Dr. Peta Stapleton, Associate Professor Psychology - Bond University  

More comments ...

"I feel empowered to reclaim my financial health. I was feeling lost and hopeless about my disconnection to myself and perceived inability to provide financially, for myself and my family. After this two-day seminar I deeply and completely believe that money is my birth-right. ....Noni Croft - Masseuse.

"Sally is very informative, knowledgeable and wonderful teacher!" Annabel Hart - Queensland

What an amazing weekend of personal growth. Sally is an exquisite speaker and facilitator. ......Karen Philips - Direct Office Supplies 

Sally is a truly wonderful, caring person and was able to unlock so much pain and grief so I can live my life to the fullest. .....Sonya Van Rijssen Nerang 

Sally, you are an awesome! .......Dilusha Desheny, Melbourne 

The whole weekend was so nurturing, loving and supportive. A safe space where I could leave the challenges of my professional life and just be me. ......Nola Kennet, Bassendean, WA  

"Sally is a passionate facilitator and it was an honour to be in the same space with her" ...Deidre Schill Mackay Qld  

Wow what a weekend. Learning about me and understanding. If I change the pattern – acknowledge my beliefs I can change my life to enjoy, to smile brighter, let love in and have success...Kim Ridley, Miami  

What I have learned during this training has been invaluable for myself personally and for my future clients... Lucy Devenish , Queensland Australia

"Sally has a gift - to be able to pinpoint the true cause of the issue, then address it. Sally is also a very accomplished presenter. She has a wealth of knowledge and ability. She has a clarity and ease that takes you to the end game. .... Anne Gasken – Queensland

 "This workshop was amazing, helping me to realise at a deeper level what things were holding me back from being as successful as I want to be in business and in my personal life." ....Shelley Ahearn Mason, owner Lime Tree Kids  

"Sally is a vibrant, engaging and knowledgeable presenter. The three days training was a joy ....Gopi Elton, Melbourn Vic.  

"Fabulous training with Sally – so down to earth, so many examples to resonate with and presented with humour and ease".....Liz Hines, Buiness Owner, Melbourne Vic.


2 Day Intensive Training PLUS 6 weeks of follow up training calls.  

Access to the Private Facebook Group for daily support  

A free copy of Sally's Book Tapping to Reclaim You  

All handouts and supportive documentation  


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