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You are wise, intelligent and intuitive. Your intuition is your strongest ally. Over these two days, you will:

Rediscover your body's beautiful shape & elegance

1. Reconnect to your body's true messages

2. Reclaim your body's natural shape with the ART and SCIENCE of Intutive Eating

3. Realign your wisdom, your power and intuitive self - so your mind, heart and your body become one.

Reset your Physiological Age Clock

1. Rewind your body clock with empowered food choices.

2. Redesign the perfect, simple exercise routine for you.

3. Repower your life with strategies that help you do more in less time.

Release Past Limitations and Patterns  

1. Rewrite those old stories that no longer serve.

2. Release the self-sabotabing patterns once and for all 

3. Re-embark on a new journey of energy, vitality and wholeness

What you will experience over these two days

 Day 1 - How To Unlearn Everything You have Been Told About Weight loss 

  • Why losing weight is not about the food you eat or the exercise you do.
  • What your weight is really trying to tell you.
  • Why we hold onto weight in certain areas of our body - and it's not just about genetics.
  • Why you reach for certain foods, based on what emotion you are feeling. 
  • How to release your 'trigger' food .
  • What inuititive eating is ... and is not.
  • The hidden meaning of self-sabotage, and what it is really trying to tell you. 
  • The role EFT and Meditation play - the science and the magic.

Day 2 - How to Rewrite Your New Future

  • How to set up your own life time plan so you will never, ever, ever have to diet again.
  • What to eat and how to exercise to reverse the ageing clock.
  • Simple recipes and time hacks that will make the whole process so easy.
  • How to create your own exercise plan to adapt easily into your life, depending on your needs.
  • How to implement trigger strategies, so you know what to do.
  • What to do on the days when you don't know what to do.

This event is restricted in numbers. It is designed to ensure each participant experiences a transformational change. You will leave the event, not only feeling lighter, but you will have a powerful forward plan to implement immediately!

Sally Thibault

Life Strategist | Professional Speaker and Counsellor  

Master EFT Trainer and Author

Host of the Isn't It Time Facebook Live Show

With 15 year career in the fitness industry and a successful career of over three decades in health, wellness, business and marketing, Sally is passionate about helping people uncover their true purpose in life and to be able to adapt that to find fulfilment in business and in life.  

She is the author of two books, David’s Gift - Asperger’s Life and Love the true story of her family’s journey following her son's diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome, and Tapping to Reclaim YouHow to Reignite your Passion, Power and Purpose in 30 Days and the creator of The 2 & 20 Principle, 

Sally has been featured extensively in Australian national and local media and is currently the weekly Life Coaching Expert on over 25 radio stations across Australia.  

One of the greatest challenges I had to overcame in my life, was the relationship with my own body. 

In my early days in the fitness industry, it was normal for me to teach as many as four fitness classes a day, run 6klm and weight train regularly. In those days the desire to be as 'skinny' was the driving force. My eating patterns were extremely disordered, and I would try any new 'diet' as it came along.

But the truth behind my desire to be 'thin', was about self-esteem. I simply did not like who I was, believing that I was a 'good' person if I was thin... and a 'bad' person if I carried extra weight (or ate certain things!!)

All that changed one night in 1983, when my husband asked me a simple question, and while I didn't like what he asked, it set me on a journey that changed my life. Teaching myself to eat intuitively.

Once I mastered it, everything changed. What you will discover too, is that when you master this, it will impact on so many other areas of your life. Your confidence changes, your energy levels increase, your joy for life intensifies ... and best of all, your body will find it's own natural, perfect shape!

I can't wait to spend this time with you, to embrace the art and the science of Reclaiming Your Body, and in the process Reclaiming You!!


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This event is only for those who are ready to make a permanent change,  

It is not for you if you only want another diet or exercise program.  

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