Sally Thibault - Wellness Coach, Speaker, Author, EFT Trainer
Sally Thibault - Speaker, Author and EFT Practitioner

Sally Teaches You How To

Heal the Relationship

with Food, Weight & your Body… so you just feel


“Sally is a Wellness Coach – she learns about you and what you want from life and helps you find and get rid of things that are holding you back from being the best version of the true you.”

Janet Culpitt,  Networking with Janet – Gold Coast Australia 



One on one coaching

Feel Lighter & Live Brilliantly

Sally facilitates powerful one-on-one strategic coaching designed around your unique needs. There is no cookie cutter approach, she is a master at getting to your core issues and helping clear them … fast..

Believing that our most limiting beliefs, and self-sabotaging behaviours, show up in one of three areas – body, relationships or bank account, Sally believes that the path to healing one, is the path to healing all.

Specializing in, what she calls the last frontier, Sally shows you how to heal the relationship between food, weight and your body, to release the weight that no longer serves you, first emotionally and then physically, so you are free to build success, wealth and a life of purpose.. Together she helps  you create  simple, sustainable, individualized habits that encompass the four pillars of wellness – Sustenance, Spirit, Strength and Success, so your journey to living Lighter lasts a life time.

In all cases, Sally starts with a private conversation to discuss your situation. If you would like to chat with Sally just click below.

“I can honestly say that without Sally and all the support provided, I would not have been able to learn and grow within myself “ – Deidre Schill

Instagram & Facebook  Videos

Sally records regular IGTV videos that she shares on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and her on the website.  Each week she shares topics that will inspire you and help you live Lighter!

Sally Thibault - Speaker, Author and EFT Practitioner


"What an amazing speaker! Sally Thibault presented our keynote address to our 600 delegates. Sally’s delivery was incredibly professional. She spoke with authority, clarity and passion and drew everyone into her key messages. Sally was extremely well prepared and spoke without notes for an hour. Despite this being a mixed gender audience, she crafted her address to ensure the content had relevance for all. This was reflected in outstanding feedback metrics....87% rated her content either Very Good or Excellent 91% rated her presentation skills either Very Good or Excellent." -Neil McWhannell GAICD JP, CEO Educate Plus Conference Auckland New Zealand September 2018

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“Sally spoke with passion, energy and conviction.”

“She was articulate, personable and easily engaged her audience. Her presentation was creative, distinctive and professional.” - Brian Day, Conference Chair

“During the workshop the audience were actively engaged, and proactive participants Sally Thibault was an extremely valuable presenter at our Retreat, and I would have no hesitation in recommending her as a presenter.” - Lynne Doneley, Executive Officer Associated Christian Schools

Please email [email protected] to discuss your requirements. 

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Tapping to Reclaim You - Book

Tapping to RECLAIM YOU



Sally’s book shows you how to use the Energy Psychology Technique known as EFT/Tapping to reclaim your real self. This is a journey of discovery for most people into the people, words and events of the past that keep them locked into old patterns that no longer serve.  With over 30 real life case studies inside, this learning is made easy. As you unlock the real self, step into your authentic confidence and experience your best life.

“I have been around Tapping for many years, and have never come across a book that is so succinct and on point, and backed by evidence. This is a game changer.”

Dr. Peta Stapleton  Associate Professor Psychology – Bond University

The reclaim your extraordinary self program - Purpose



Overcome limiting beliefs to tap into your Divine Purpose.

The reclaim your extraordinary self program - Success



Transcend self sabotage to ignite your brilliance.

The reclaim your extraordinary self program - Freedom



Release stress and anxiety to experience true joy and freedom.

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One-on-One VIP Success Coaching Day

6 Month Reclaim Your Body, Reclaim Your Life Coaching

EFT for Leaders & Coaches Training

Corporate EFT Workplace Wellness Workshops

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