The 2 and 20 Principle

Sally's No 1 Strategy to Create Personal Transformation

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"The 2 and 20 Principle is one of the simplest and most effective strategies that I have ever used to make personal transformations in my life. I am so happy to share this with you."  

 "Personal Transformation occurs by turning timeless strategies into simple habits implemented daily"

Do you want to create change in your life?  

Perhaps to lose weight, get fit, be successful, or make more money 

... but you find yourself losing the battle to find the time to fit in all the things you ‘should be doing?’  

Do you get enthusiastic about creating change, but ...

... after a few weeks of initial enthusiasm, life gets in the way, and you slip easily back in to old habits? 

Transformation requires change - a change in belief, a change in thought, but most of all a change in the habits that are used daily.

While many people desire change - it is the practical application of those habits that overwhelms us because of … 

  • Lack of Time  
  • Confusion and Overwhelm 
  • Procrastination  

The 2 and 20 Principle is a guide to help you create lifelong changes that can be adapted to the way you currently lead your life… and more importantly that you can do for the rest of your life, overcoming the three main challenges to change by: 

1. Breaking down habits into easy to implement powerful sequences of time, so you have more time to spend doing what you love to do.  

2. Implementing strategies that are based on solid research and are time honoured, to guide you to longevity, health, energy and productivity.  

3. Giving you 20 simple, practical Principles that will help you to be healthier, stronger, fitter, more productive and more successful.

No more 12-week programs, no more habits that cause disruption to your family life, no more strange, expensive eating or exercise regimes. 

The 2 and 20 Principle is the world's simplest strategy for creating personal transformation and is a way of life based on the four pillars of life:

1. Health and Wellness 2. Strength & Energy 3. Inner Focus & Spirituality 4 . Productivity and Success  

This strategy is based on wholeness and honouring the ‘whole’ of you... 

  • Your Inner world – What you believe and think about yourself and ... 
  • Your Physical World – What you do each day.

The 2 & 20 Principle takes the important aspects of healthy, energetic productive living (you know all those things you know you ‘should be doing’) and breaks them down into easy to remember blocks of time, to help you create powerful life long habits that you can incorporate into your daily or weekly routine.

This simple approach will help you find time, motivation and strategies, that will allow you to be healthier, stronger, fitter, more productive and more successful.  

And with your download you get a comprehensive self-assessment questionnaire to help you create the habits that can led to life long health and success.  

So, use these simple steps to bring about measureable change that can make all the difference in your world. Click below to download.

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Here’s what people are saying about the 2 and 20 Principle:  

"Well that was the best 20 minutes I've have felt for a while creating NEW habits."

"This is just so simple – you are onto to something with this – I haven’t felt this energetic in a long time ."

"I am so productive and in flow – I am powering through my day ."

"Amazing things happen when you combine The 2 &20 Principle with belief in yourself ."

"I always struggled with how to fit in meditation and exercise into my morning, without feeling rushed…this is great."  

FREE ... for a limited time only, regularly $97