We hear it all day every day – the number one issue for our kids and teens on the spectrum (and their parents!) is managing anxiety.

This Autism Awareness Month, Sally Thibault and Kris Barrett have decided to tackle this head on, with the belief that if we can manage the anxious feelings, every other therapy and intervention will be far more effective – not to mention the benefits to the health and happiness of the entire household.

Come along to learn how to use some simple, cost-effective strategies that are proven to reduce stress and create calming and soothing emotions. And can be used for a lifetime.

At this event, you will receive an individual 10-minute consultation with both Kris & Sally and take home an Essential oil, a report on what oils are most needed by your body and a personalized Tapping script to use for your own family.

Spaces are limited to ensure we can give you an individualized plan.

About Sally and Kris :

Sally is a speaker, author, life coach, and EFT Practitioner.

Kris is a speaker, author, Essential Oils coach and Health Coach.

Both are mums of boys on the spectrum and love to share their experiences and the tools that have been helpful for their sons and their families.

Tuesday, 30 April 2019 from 10:00-12:00

Autism GC Cottage, Broadbeach

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