Are You Being Triggered By People Getting Away | Video | Sally Thibault

Are you being triggered by people getting away with things they have done wrong?

Here’s what happened to me yesterday after the handing down of the High Court decision overturning the conviction of George Pell…. and how I found out what was really going on for me.


If this video, or the events of yesterday are triggering past memories that are causing unresolved pain. Please reach out to me, or to the following organisations for help

Lifeline 131114

Beyond Blue 1300224636

1800RESPECT. 1800737732

for help in healing past trauma.


Sally is a Wellness Coach. she learns about you and what you want from life. Also, she helps you find and get rid of things that are holding you back from being the best version of the true you.

Believing that our most limiting beliefs, and self-sabotaging behaviors, show up in one of three areas

  • Body,
  • Relationships or
  • Bank account,

Moreover, Sally believes that the path to healing one is the path to healing all. Specializing in, what she calls the last frontier, Sally shows you how to heal the relationship between food, weight and your body, to release the weight that no longer serves you, first emotionally and then physically, so you are free to build success, wealth and a life of purpose. Together she helps you create simple, sustainable, individualized habits that encompass the four pillars of wellness – Sustenance, Spirit, Strength, and Success, so your journey to living a Lighter lasts a lifetime.

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