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Tapping for increased Anxiety throughout the CoVid19 Crisis

Tapping for increased Anxiety throughout the CoVid19 Crisis. Here is a tapping sequence for feeling anxious in uncertain times...CoVid19 variety! How to tap without touching your face! Great to teach kids too. Let me know if there are other issues you'd like to tap on...

The Story of my Grandmother

The story of my grandmother with 7 children under 12! . and why we all need to remember that we will be OK Plus I share what we did in the Recession of the 90's to keep the bills from overwhelming us.

How to Cope with Anxiety through CoVid19

How to cope with anxiety through Covid19? This week Sally and Timothy Charles talk about the importance of increasing your emotional and physical well-being throughout these challenging times. Kindly click on the image to listen to the interview.

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