And in my years of coaching, I have found that clients go through 5 stages of change.

Stage 1 – HARD & HEAVY Perhaps you want to lose weight, feel stronger, start a new business or write that book you have always talked about.

It takes 66 days for an intention to become a habit. Up until that point you need sheer willpower and determination. Implementing simple habits is the only way to get through this stage!

Stage 2 – BUMPY & CHAOTIC This happens between the 6 – 12 week mark. Here you will have days where you are motivated and days when it all feels a bit chaotic. It’s right here that you need a strong vision and focus on the inner work to help you ride out those bumpy moments often caused by limiting beliefs and past stories.

Stage 3 – MESSY & DISJOINTED Often about the 12 week to 16 week mark. It can feel like nothing runs smoothly. Often the Imposter Syndrome, doubt and fear show up . As you question whether this is really what you want, nd if it is really worth it? Here the focus shifts to deeper inner work to uncover self-imiposed limitations.
Stage 4 – ETHEREAL & UNTETHERED Usually around the 5th month of implementing change, and you may feel untethered and not yet grounded. You know you have changed, you know you can’t go back to the old way, but the new way of being hasn’t quite anchored yet. People may start questioning you, challenging you and you get triggered by their responses. Perhaps the change you are seeking hasn’t yet started to feel anchored in. But at this point you know there is no turning back

5. STRONGER, LEANER & LIGHTER- This is where you feel free, joyful & content. Others notice you have changed, and stop questioning and start complimenting you!

You feel STRONGER as you experiene the power of speaking your truth. You feel LEANER as you release the past stories that have weighed you down- and life feels lighter as you being to manifest sychronisities easliy.