Finding The Confidence To Speak Your Truth - Sally Thibault

Finding the Confidence To Speak Your Truth

Do you find it difficult to be able to speak your truth with confidence?
Do you find it hard to speak up, when others challenge you?
Do you find yourself backing down from difficult conversations?
Being able to speak your truth, with confidence, is one of the most powerful things you will ever do, especially on this journey of feeling stronger, leaner & lighter!
On this week’s Living LIghter Show I shared how to
🌸 Speak your truth, without doubting yourself.
🌸 Find the words, when you are under pressure.
🌸 Stop feeling triggered when others challenge you.
🌸 Speak your truth, while aligning with your personality type!!
We also ended with a tapping session and reframe that can help find the right words, when you need them most!
***This show is designed for general knowledge only. If you are in a situation where speaking up may place you in physical danger, please reach out to the following Domestic Violence Support Hotlines for personal support.
Australia 1800 737 732
North America 1-800-799-7233
UK 0808 2000 247 ****
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