Why Your Why Is Critical To Your Success - And How To Discover It! - Sally Thibault

Intention setting is important to success.

For a number of reasons, but mostly because the clearer you are on what you want, the more focus you create.

But an essential aspect to success is also your WHY.

Because when the road gets bumpy, as it often will.  When you come up against roadblocks and challenges… or there are just some days when you want to throw in the towel…. a strong WHY is essential to help keep you motivated and inspired.

In this video I share HOW my WHY helped me write a book.  My strong WHY that helped me to understand why the excuses I was creating, were simply the self-imposed limiting beliefs.  Those beliefs showing up as genuine reasons WHY I couldn’t achieve what I wanted to…but were only masking the real issue.

It was getting back to my WHY that helped me overcome the blocks and stay on track.

Do you have a strong WHY to help you achieve what you want?  I would love it if you could share what your why is, and why it is so important to you

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