Evidence Based EFT Training - Melbourne

The first Evidence Based EFT Training to be held in Melbourne - 8, 9 & 10 September 

Building an Effective Practice with Evidence Based EFT Training 

This is the first training for Evidence-Based Clinical EFT to be held in Melbourne. Those attending will be joining a special group of practitioners on the front row of this cutting edge and exciting new modality known as Clinical EFT or Tapping. This advanced training program is based on the world's latest clinical research conducted in Australia and worldwide. We are pleased to welcome you into this specialty training.

This training is delivered face to face and has a pre-reading component. It is only for existing experts, practitioners or professionals in the fields of Health, Education, Counselling, Wellness, or a relevant field (e.g. human services or other disciplines, etc). Get in contact if you are uncertain.  

Evidence Based EFT Trainer - Sally Thibault

Sally Thibault

Speaker, Counsellor, Coach, Expert EFT Practiioner and Trainer.

Author of the Book: Tapping to Reclaim You

Sally is a Professional Speaker, Counsellor, Author and Certified EFT Practitioner and Trainer. She has mentored and worked with hundreds of women, helping them to create massive and life-changing transformations in their businesses and in their life.  

Sally created the transformational Reclaim You program, and subsequenly wrote the book 'Tapping to Reclaim You' to help women to reignite their passion, power and purpose in their own lives.  

Sally has appeared on numerous television and radio shows including The Today Show, The Circle, Good Morning San Diego, ABC Radio and FM96.5 Brisbane.  

She has also featured in Brisbane’s Courier Mail, The Gold Coast Bulletin, The Gold Coast Sun, WYZA, Healthy Life and Fitness Pro Magazine  

Sally is the Health & Wellness Expert on FM96.5 and the Queensland Cancer Council's Live Well Be Well Radio show.

"Sally is one of only three EFT Trainers in Australia qualified to deliver this specialized training." 

Course Content

The Core Principles behind Evidence Based Clinical EFT

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a brief novel intervention combining elements of exposure and cognitive therapy, and somatic stimulation. It is often referred to as ‘Tapping’ as it uses a two finger tapping process with a cognitive acceptance statement.  

EFT has been researched in more than 10 countries, by more than 60 investigators, whose results have been published in more than 20 different peer-reviewed journals.  

This training is delivered face to face and has a pre-reading component (see list below).  

This program was created by Dr Peta Stapleton, and is delivered by Professional Counsellor, Author and Certified EFT Practitioner and Trainer - Sally Thibault, who is one of only two EFT trainers in Australia qualified to deliver this specialized training.

To complete the training for your final certificate, in addition to this training you need to complete a recorded 30-day personal peace procedure (this will be outlined), complete 2 case studies outlining 2 different client sessions and complete 1 online Masterclass (of your choice).

How to Use Clinical EFT

9:00am Start each day 

This training is made up of 1 day Introductory and 2 Days Advanced Training. During this training, you'll get a sound understanding of how to use Clincal EFT, from the research, therapeutically and personally. Plus, you will learn how to use EFT to deal with:  

  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Chronic pain
  • Food issues and emotional eating
  • Stress and anxiety.
  • Negative automatic thoughts, schemas and core beliefs.
  • Group work 
  • Goal setting for your business or practice success. 
  • Stresses of difficult clients.  

This Evidence Based EFT Training has been accepted as an International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) Approved Training Provider. 

Training, Materials and Ongoing Support

In addition to the hands-on training each day, you will also receive several other materials and support to assist after you leave the training. 

These materials are all included free of charge to you in this training program:  

Free access to the 9-module audio EFT program created by Dr Peta Stapleton (RRP $99)  

A free copy of the ebook - How to Use EFT for Wealth Creation and Abundance by Dr Peta Stapleton (RRP $25)  

A free copy of the e-book - The 6 Steps to Create Sustainable Success by Sally Thibault (RRP $27)  

Scripts for Clinical EFT techniques and exercises, plus a variety of useful handouts and worksheetd which you can either use verbatim or adapt as desired for your clients.

All reviews of your case studies are free after your training. 

Ongoing support via an EBEFT online group setting. 

Pre-Reading Requirements

Once you have registered for an upcoming EFT Training event, links to the following materials will be sent to you with direct links to access each of them. It is your responsibility to review the following documents, in order to fully prepare yourself for the training. If you choose not to, you may find yourself at a disadvantage during the training. If you have already read some or all of these in the past, this is your lucky day (you get to read less)! Enjoy!  


Meta Reviews EP_Review_Articles  

EFT and Epigenetic Effects  

Meta Analysis EFT for Depression  

Meta Analysis EFT for PTSD  

Meta analysis EFT for Anxiety  

How EP Changes Deep Emotional Learnings  

OPTIONAL - Research papers by Dr Peta Stapleton of Bond University

Cost of Training

The cost for this three day Evidence Based EFT Training is $599 incl GST.

All the Pre Reading resources are free once you register - links will be emailed to you. 


Kingston City Hall - 985 Nepean Hwy, Moorabbin VIC 3189. 

This facility is located about 25 minutes from downtown Melbourne.

Contact Us

Please reach out to Sally if you have any questions about this year’s event.

  • Phone: 0414 770 880

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Register by 18 August to save $100 on your registration fee. 


"Sally is a very accomplished presenter, working with her as part of a demonstration was wonderful. She has a wealth of knowledge and ability. She has a clarity and ease that takes you to the end game." Anne Gaskin, Mind Body Balance Mt Tamborine  

"Sally is an excellent presenter – bright, focused and well prepared. The notes and video presentations are excellent. I loved how much hands-on practice there was." Glenda Wagner, Time 4 Yoga, Burleigh  

"Thank you for allowing me to add to my existing skills. You did it in such a caring and professional way." Francoise Kingsley, Naturopath, Caring Natural Therapies, Loganholme  

"Thanks Sally, your authentic energy is a big part of the success of this training." Phil Gallagher, Professional Counsellor, Sunshine Coast  

"Fantastic! I'm excited to see where my EFT journey leads me." Melissa Briton - Occupational Therapist - Qld