Why Eating Intuitively Helps You Age Well.

For over 30 years, I have been practising The Art of Intuitive Eating.  It has been probably the single most liberating thing I have ever done.

In my early 20’s and 30’s, I was obsessed about being certain size. Early in my fitness career I was teaching up to 4 aerobic classes and running 6klms per day. Then restricting what I ate, based on what I deemed as good or bad food, and counting fat grams or calories with the military precision of a General waging war!

The day I embarked on this journey, to experience the freedom of food choices and releasing that incessant mind chatter about my weight and my body, was the day everything changed.

What I learned from that first day however is quite simply that…

Intuitive Eating has nothing to do with food and everything to do with choice.

It is about …

Releasing the impact of the people, words and events of your past that have kept you playing small.

Rediscovering and transcending self-imposed limitations that up until now, food has masked. 

Relearning how to implicitly trust, without judgment, your innate wisdom and truth, for every decision you make.

  1. Individual – Allow yourself to release the rules of others and embrace your own wisdom.
  2. Intuitive – Ask your body, not your head, what you most need.
  3. Intentional – Affirm those choices, without judgment or criticism.
  4. Informed – Acknowledge how those choices make you feel.

 Your reality reflects the choices you make each and every day to transform your body and your life.

Embracing the Art of Intuitive Eating can be, for many women, the last frontier in truly living a life of courageous authenticity.  But it is, without a doubt an integral part of making your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing an absolute priority. How you choose to age from here on in, is simply up to how you choose to honour and value yourself.  Learning to eat intuitively is a powerful part of that journey.

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