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How to Guarantee Your Success

On the all new Living Lighter show today Wednesday we are talked about how to guarantee your success.

Are you struggling to stick to empowering habits to achieve the success you want?
Whether that be releasing the weight that no longer serves you, sticking to an exercise program, overcoming procrastination or to stop self-sabotaging your intentions – then this is the show for you!
You see, the problem is – that your brain is wired to keeping you stuck in your comfort zone, making change really hard.

But there is a solution on the show this week I shared…
1. Why a commonly accepted concept of the amount of thoughts we have each day is flawed – and how many we really do have, and how they work [New Study]
2. Why ‘thinking’ your way to change is NOT the way to create transformational change.
3. Why we are hard-wired to focus on negative thoughts… and how to reframe them.
4. The one thing that has been proven to guarantee your success by up to 95%!
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