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How to Know What You Want And Manifest It!

In over three decades of working with women in counselling and coaching there is one question, that gets the same response from well over 70% of people.

It’s a simple four word question.

1. What do you want

But is often followed by the same four word response…

2. I do not know!

♦️Why is it so hard for us to articulate what we want… let alone manifest it?

♦️Why does knowing what you want seem to come so easily to some people but challenging for others?

♦️And why is it such a hard question to answer?

The frustration of not knowing what you want, keeps you trapped in indecision and impacts on your stress, your energy, and blocks your intuition… big time!

On this week’s Living Lighter Show entitled “How to Know What You Want And Manifest It!”, I shared how to gain real clarity, and the simple, powerful strategy that will make you a manifestation magician!

And we closed the show with an #efttapping session to help you become a master miracle manifestor!!

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