How To Lose Belly Fat With Intermittent Fasting - Sally Thibault

The 7th video in the 10-part video series – How to Lose Belly Fat – now up, and it’s all about Intermittent Fasting.

In this video, I share how Intermittent Fasting can help you lose belly fat.

Intermittent Fasting – sometimes called Time Restricted eating, has been proven to have many health benefits, including helping to reduce insulin resistance, and may lower the risk of Type 2 Diabetes, increase the blood levels of human growth hormone, and aid in cellular repair.

In this video, I share how the practice of the 16/8 Intermittent Fasting protocol has helped me, and many of my clients increase energy, focus and vitality. Fasting gives the body an opportunity to ‘reset’ so it’s not pre-occupied with processing and digestion. In the reset, your body will naturally awaken your own intuitive eating guidance (hunches, urges, etc).


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