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How to shift from office to home with your body & sanity intact?

Do you suddenly find yourself working from home because of the CoVid19 shutdown?
Are you struggling to get things done?
Do you have work to do – but you can’t find the motivation to either start it – or stick with it?
Do you find yourself standing at the fridge or the pantry often – searching for something that wasn’t there the last time you looked?

On this week’s Facebook Live I shared

1. The secret to staying motivated
2. How a simple morning routine will make all the difference
3. How to work WITH time, instead of AGAINST it.
4. What the desire to eat is really telling you – and how to change it.
5. The secret meaning of procrastination, and how to overcome

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Sally is a Wellness Coach. she learns about you and what you want from life. Also, she helps you find and get rid of things that are holding you back from being the best version of the true you.

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