Intermittent Fasting, Intuitive Eating & Ageing Well. What's The Connection?

Intermittent Fasting, Intuitive Eating & Ageing Well. What’s The Connection?

πŸ’› Is it just another trend?
πŸ’› Is it just a fancy word for dieting?
πŸ’› Will it just make me hungrier??

Intermittent Fasting is a concept that has been gaining huge traction over the last few years.
🌟 But what are the health benefits?
🌟 How does it work with the art of Intuitive Eating?
🌟 And is it possible to help you on the journey of ageing well?

On this week’s Living Lighter Show I shared
🌸 Some of the ground breaking research behind Intermittent Fasting and why it is a concept that should not be ignored.
🌸 How my 4 step Intuitive Eating methodology works perfectly with Intermittent Fasting.
🌸 The RIGHT things to do to gain maximum benefits.. and the one thing absolutely you MUST not do!!
🌸 The ageing well benefits of both that you can’t ignore.
🌸 The role EFT & Meditation play in tying it all together.


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