It’s the first of September this week and Spring in the Southern Hemisphere… new beginnings, new focus and new intentions 

As always, once spring comes, it’s a time we start thinking about setting new intentions. 

But after over three decades coaching women, the one thing that I have found that works the most consistently to increase success, gain energy, lose weight and feel more joy… is implementing small daily steps that ultimately lead to a lifetime of good success habits. 

I am a great believer in choosing habits that you can start today and do every day for the rest of your life 

On this week’s Isn’t it time Facebook Live, I shared with you the EXACT habits that I do every single day… 

 The simple habits that have ensured I have more energy, more strength and more focus than I did at 40!!! 


 1. What I do every morning, without fail, and why. 

  1. What I eat weekly. (You might be surprised by this).
  2. What simple 30-minute exercise routine I now do 5 times a week, that gets great results.
  3. Why my running shoes are the first thing I pack whenever I travel.
  4. How I find the motivation to workout– even on the coldest morning

6. Why champagne is part of those weekly habits, and why it always will be! 

7. Why I am so cautious about the words I say and the people I hang out with and why!

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