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Isn’t it time to find the courage to ask for what you want?

While many people struggle with KNOWING what they want, the biggest fear most people facing is to find the courage to ask for what they want.

And to do so from the core essence of who they really are, without ego, limitation, doubt or fear of vulnerability.

Whether that question be about your relationship, your career or to be honest enough to ask that question of yourself!

On this week’s Facebook Live I share…
1. Why we struggle with this question and often ignore the answer.
2. What happens to our spirit (and our body) when we DON’T ask for what we want, or we settle for less.
3. Why we cannot embrace WHO we really are UNTIL we learn how to listen to the answers – without judgement. (This is also a major factor in understanding how to eat intuitively!)
4. Why uncovering the reason for the fear holds the key to unlocking a life time of limitation.

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