ISN’T IT TIME TO GET WINTER READY? - Sally Thibault | Blog


So, Winter is here in the Southern Hemisphere and often our desire to keep up our winter health and fitness routine can be hard.

In fact, the average Australian woman gains approximately 2.5kg over the colder months. Many find it difficult to release those extra kilos once the summer comes.

So, on this week’s Facebook Live, I shared my favorite easy hacks to help you keep your energy and vitality up and your weight down during the colder winter months.


1. My top health swap outs– so you don’t gain those extra kilos over winter.
2. How to keep your fitness routine up – without leaving your living room!
3. The time hacks you can incorporate to help you save precious time in the mornings.

Are you ready to reclaim your body -and embrace the art of intuitive eating?…

Click on the image to watch on Facebook or click here to head to my YouTube channel and watch the latest episode.Sally Thibault, Isn't it time, get winter ready

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