On this week’s Facebook Live I shared the importance of understanding your True purpose.

Different from Life purpose, True (Soul) purpose is the thing you do so naturally, that it’s easy to overlook or take for granted.

Many people struggle with the question “What is my purpose?”

And many coaches tell their clients they’ll find their purpose by following their passion.

That statement only creates confusion.

You can be passionate about many things that are not necessarily your purpose, nor will they help you make a living!

The right answer is to weave your True purpose (the what you do) into your current Life purpose (the how you do it).

One changes – the other never does.

But when you align the two, everything flows effortlessly. If they are not aligned…. everything just feels too hard.

So before you start any planning for 2019, watch this…

On the show today I shared…

1. The difference between TRUE purpose and LIFE Purpose
2. Why our TRUE purpose can be so close to us we totally miss it.
3. And why living our TRUE purpose can make us feel vulnerable and fearful and how to step courageously into the vulnerability and overcome the fear.

PS: If you are a Leader or a Coach this will be the show you won’t want to miss… it will make a HUGE difference in the clients and the team members you will attract in 2019 AND how you work with them!!!

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