Fear, Sally Thibault, Tapping

Fear – it can cause you to shrink from your purpose and keep you stuck in mediocrity.

It can put a halt to the most brilliant of ideas, inventions or relationships! It will stop you making that video, picking up the phone to ask for that sale or applying for that promotion

The saddest thing about fear is that it stops us being all we can be.

But with all fear – there is a reason for it.

Once you find that reason and release the emotional intensity behind it, you can be truly free to create that bigger dream.

On the show this week I shared …

1. Why we so easily buy into fear -and why your brain likes it that way.
2. How to turn fear into motivation by asking the right question.
3. The role of mainstream and social media play in perpetuating our fears and causing us to self-sabotage.
4. How EFT is a brilliant modality for helping you re-frame fear quickly.

PS: I also shared an update on last week’s show and why there was no replay!

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