Emma Isaacs CEO of Business Chicks,and author of the book Winging It, talk about it…
Oprah, Michelle Obama, Jane Fonda, Brene Brown and Hilary Clinton talk about it…

And on this week’s Isn’t It Time Facebook Live Show talked about it too…

The one of the reasons many people self-sabotage their success – The Imposter Syndrome.

The Imposter Syndrome impacts on up to 70% of us, at one or more times during our career AND usually just when we are ready upscale our business or career.

So what is the Imposter Syndrome?

It is that sub-conscious worry that we have absolutely no idea what we are doing – and one day somebody might find out.

It is enough to have to trapped in fear, procrastination and playing small.

This week I shared…

1. The five aspects of the Imposter Syndrome
2. How it will sabotage your goals and aspirations in the most mysterious ways
3. Why ‘Stereo-type’ threat keeps you trapped and playing small. No matter how hard you try to act or think otherwise.
4. The steps you can take right now to recognize it and overcome it!

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