One of the reasons we struggle to manifest what we want in life… is our habit of embracing and accepting disempowerment.

Yes… it’s a habit!!

Usually starting in childhood or early teens, we can become so used to feeling disempowered, that we continually attract people and situations in our lives that re-enforce the feeling!

Disempowerment shows up in our lives, our businesses and careers, when we fail to create strong boundaries around how others treat us – or more importantly – how we treat ourselves.

The lack of boundaries impacting on our sense of worth, our confidence and ultimately our success.

On this week’s show I shared
1. How we adapt to the habit of disempowerment without even realising it.

2. How stepping out from disempowerment involves more than just making a decision.

3. How the habit of disempowerment stops you manifesting what you want.

And we ended with a powerful tapping session to release the habit of disempowerment to create a new way of manifesting far greater than you think possible.

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