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Letting Go Of Iso Weight. A blog that helps you build your Self-help & Motivations in your life.

As restrictions around the country start to lift, for many people that also means perhaps letting go of some of the Iso-weight that has piled on

While many people are getting excited about getting back to some semblance of normal over the coming months…

As we head into the winter months, looking after our immune system during this time, is way more important than thinking about losing kilos…


But actually the 2 can happen simultaneously with a little planning. Sally shares some tips to help.

In the interview with Timothy Charles, They talk about diet and Sally Thibault answers the questions that can give you some knowledge that helps you build your Self-help & Motivations in your life. Also, she relates her answers to the question in her daily living. With this wonderful interview, you can now learn and understand how you do a proper natural diet.

You can still watch it in the Living Lighter Group www.facebook.com/groups/livinglighter

and if you have not yet done the quiz, you can click here to access it www.sallythibault.com.au/quiz

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