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The New Lighter Personality Quiz

The New Lighter Personality Quiz

Each of us has unique personality needs that help us to stay motivated, energized, and help us to deal effectively with stress as it arises.

When we are not honoring those needs types life can feel out of balance and it impacts what we do.

Also, on this week’s chat with Timothy Charles Sally shares the benefits of the quiz… You can access the Quiz

Take the test and discover how to intuitively use your Personality Type to live and feel Lighter. In the end, Sally will provide video feedback (customized for you) about your next steps to feeling Lighter.

In addition, take the test and come up with either one of four personality kinds that you might be:

  1. Perfectionism
  2. There are some that need Social Interaction
  3. The one that needs Security
  4. Self-fulfillment

You will understand it more if you click the image and hear Sally Thibault’s interview with Timothy Charles.

Moreover, You can still watch it in the Living Lighter Group

and if you have not yet done the quiz, you can click here to access it

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