Once You Start Valuing Yourself, Everybody Else Will Start | Sally Thibault


Once You Start Valuing Yourself, Everybody Else Will Start Valuing You Too

In all my years of coaching and working with women, two words lie at the bottom of most challenges we face.⠀⠀

Value and Worth⠀⠀

Do you value your time? Your expertise? Your boundaries? Your body? Yourself?⠀⠀
Do you feel worthy of love, respect, joy, health, success or wealth?⠀⠀
And you do not need to go far to measure it either… because they are reflected in three places – your body, your relationships OR your bank account⠀⠀
So just how do these two beliefs show up? ⠀⠀
• Message you at 2 am with doubt, fear or worry.⠀⠀
• Mask themselves as self-sabotage, procrastination or overwhelm.⠀⠀
• Impact on what you eat and how you care for your body.⠀⠀
• Influence how you ALLOW other people to treat you.⠀⠀
No amount of self-talk, positive affirmations, diets or exercise programs will change your life – UNTIL you RECLAIM AND RE-EMPOWER your worth and your value.⠀

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