The One Aspect of Intuitive Eating That Most People Ignore When most people begin the journey of embracing the art of Intuitive Eating there is one aspect that many ignore…. Not only listening to your body to make food choices… but also acknowledging how certain foods make you feel. The 4th aspect in the Intuitive Eating methodology is Informed Eating, or Acknowledging how food makes you feel. In this 3-Minute turbo coaching session today, I share how this one aspect can be the most empowering! 🌸If you enjoyed this video, I think you will love watching these videos next 🌸 ⭐Sleep and Weight Loss ⭐The One Aspect of Intuitive Eating That Most People Ignore: ⭐How to Ditch That Dis-Empowering Habit ⭐Three Strategies to Help You Deal with Toxic People For more blogs and tips to help you feel stronger, leaner and lighter in your 50’s and beyond 👉 Facebook: 👉 Instagram: 👉 Linkedin:… 👉 Website: 💌 Or email me – [email protected] 💛 Or if you would like to take advantage of my FREE 30 minute strategy session to see if and how I can help you release weight that no longer serves you… 💛THANK YOU so much for watching and if you know someone who may enjoy this video…Please share 💛 #intutiveeating #informedeating #weightlossover50 #over50‘s #emoweringwomen #transformationalcoach #accountabilitycoach #nomorediets #fitover50women #wellness