Personality Needs And What Is All About? | Video | Sally Thibault

On this Facebook Live I shared the Lighter Personality Needs Type and how it can help you Transform your Body and Your Life Intuitively.

After years of research, months of planning, weeks of preparing… it is finally ready to launch

On the show I shared
“Each and every one of us has unique personality needs. Now, one talk this is not necessarily about behavoir…
the emphasis of this personality needs profile is actually about energy and motivation where you find your
energy and motivation and what happens when you are not receiving or satisfying that need for.. that particular in it personality needs that you have. There is 4 energy thought:
1. Strong need for self-recognition
2. Strong need for social interaction
3. Strong need for security
4. Strong need for self-fulfilment”

I also shared:
1. Why understanding your personality needs increases your energy
2. The role it plays in Intuitive eating.
3. How it can impact on your relationships.
4. Why it needs change as you do
5. Why and how certain personality types are more affected by this CoVid time and what you can do about it.


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