VIP Coaching Day

 The purpose of a VIP Coaching Day is to spend the day with you – One-on-One – to create a clear vision of what you want and to release any limitations that have sabotaged your efforts in the past in stepping into leadership either within your current organization, or in the past.

Many people that I work with have an idea of where they want to go. But each time they start down their path something happens to sabotage their desire to step into their authentic leadership style.

Most often these are old memories and patterns that are rooted in the words, events and people of our past.

Getting to these patterns and releasing them – will set you free. Freedom is incredibly precious. But, when you are frozen in fear, or doubt or inaction – life can be hell. 

See the comments below from those who have experienced a VIP Coaching Day. the comments below from those who have experienced a one to one session.

“Such a huge learning experience to delve into what has made me ’me’ and how to improve and make me a ‘better me” – Tracey Maloney Gold Coast

“I now feel like the road blocks that have blocked me all my life have started to be moved out of the way” – Sue Bloomfield Queensland

“The beautiful Sally gives you life tools to help you manage daily live to be the best you – you can be”- Sandy Gurney – Charleville Qld

Workshops & Trainings

The Workplace Wellness Workshops – incorporating The 2 & 20 Principle are designed to help busy people do more in less time.  With the emphasis being on the 4 Pillars of Wellness – Health & Wellbeing, Exercise & Energy, Inner Health & Joy and Achievement & Success.

Each workshop begins with a planning session with you, to find out your organisations greatest needs.

Based on your specific requirements, together we can create a program specific to your needs,  either delivered in-house, or at a location you choose.

Cost of these workshops varies and is dependent on number of people and time allocated.

Please email [email protected] or click on the button below  to set up a mutual time for an initial phone call to see how I can best serve your organizations’ needs.


“I have gained the most growth, empowerment and strength to achieving my commitments in health career and overall success in my life. I highly recommend this program to anybody who is looking to grow and make life long changes”

– Savannah Falzon

“Sally has a gift – to be able to pinpoint the true cause of the issue, then address it. Such a privilege to witness life changing sessions and have the tools to be able to improve my own and my family’s life”

– Kris Barrett,

THE EFT for Leaders and Coaches Training

Designed Exclusively for those who are 

Experienced Coaches wanting to add another modality to their expertise  

Team Leaders for Direct Sales Organisations looking to support their team members

Managers or Leaders wanting to help their employees increase productivity

“This course is amazing about helping me realise on a deeper level what things were holding me back from being as successful as I want to be in my personal life and in business” – Shelley, Queensland

“I feel empowered to reclaim my financial health. I was feeling lost and hopeless about my disconnection to myself and perceived inability to provide financially, for myself and my family.” – Noni Croft,



Uncover the fear holding you back from expressing unique leadership ability.



Discover your life purpose to manifest success in all areas of your life.



Experience the power and freedom of Courageous Feminine Leadership.

Tapping to Reclaim You - Book

Tapping to  RECLAIM YOU

How to use the Energy Psychology Technique known as Tapping to reignite your passion, power and purpose in 30 days.

“This book will show you how and give you the tools to transform out of any situation in life. “If you are feeling that it’s time to get yourself back, this book is for you… Sally KNOWS you, she has been you and she can help you shed the limitations holding you back”

Kris Barrett Nutrition & Health Coach and Author of ” Nourish Me Healthy 

Davids  GIFT

David’s Gift, is an inspirational true story about how Sally changed from wishing to make her son ‘normal’, to recognising his unique difference and personality and in doing so enabled him to take his first steps towards a less fearful, more connected life.

Davids Gift - Book
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