Reclaim You Podcast Episode #5 With Fin Wycherley
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Reclaim You Podcast Episode #5 With Fin Wycherley

As a regular guest and trainer with the BBC; contributor to business magazines and journals; clients in Australia, USA and UK; speaker at conferences over the UK, and with over 50,000 followers on social media, Fin Wycherley walks the walk of social selling and marketing.

With her background in law (LLb Hons Edin), journalism (The Guardian, Telegraph, local radio), direct marketing (creative copy for agencies and private clients) and speech writing (blue chip and politicians), there’s no wonder many of her client’s comments are unprintable.

A recent choice testimonial went something along the lines of “Jxxxx Fin, that’s xxxxxxx fantastic!”


Click on the image below to hear the heart-centred conversation with Fin

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