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Isn’t It Time to Smash Through Self Sabotage?

On this week’s podcast I share the audio from a recent Facebook Live – How to Smash though self sabotage

Over the past 20 years there has been a 46% increase in the number of women business owners with:
• 44% of women business operators aged 40-54.
• 28% of women business operators aged 55 years or more.

And our talents are formidable.

We bring wisdom, intuition, clear thinking and experience to the often chaotic, ever changing world of business.

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Reclaim You Podcast Episode #19 With Fin Wycherley

Reclaim You Podcast Episode #19 With Fin Wycherley

Fin Wycherley is a Social Media branding and marketing expert. After Facebook sent a shudder through the small business world by announcing a change to their algorithms in January this year, many small businesses noticed a dramatic change in the ability for people to see the posts on their page.

Reclaim You Podcast Episode #15 With Katia Millar

Reclaim You Podcast Episode #15 With Katia Millar

On the Reclaim You Podcast Episode this week I have an inspirational Heart-Centred Conversation with the founder of Positive Fabulous Women Katia Millar. Imagine this. You are terrified to speak in public… but desperate to create a network of people who help you to feel positive. And, this single mother, who was once terrified of public speaking, has now facilitated and hosted over 350 events and spoken both on stage and on camera, as well as appearing in numerous press articles.

Reclaim You Podcast Episode #14 with Michelle Stephenson

Reclaim You Podcast Episode #14 with Michelle Stephenson

On this week’s Reclaim You Podcast, I have a fabulous heart-centred conversation with the National New Director for Nova and Smooth FM Radio – Michelle Stephenson. We talk journalism, radio, the gender pay gap parenting and more…

Reclaim You Podcast Episode #13 With Katie Clift

Reclaim You Podcast Episode #13 With Katie Clift

Katie Clift is an International PR consultant, broadcaster and journalist. Originally from Brisbane Australia, Katie and her husband Matt moving to Greece early in 2017. In this episode Katie shares how she and Matt have embraced living in Greece, learning a new language and still running an international PR and Broadcasting business, while enjoying the history, the energy….and the food of Greece!


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