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Why It’s Never As It Seems – And How To Figure It Out Every adversity in life always carries a gift…. in hindsight! But while you are in it – the gift may be very difficult to see. This blog is promoting Self-help & Motivations to help the people to their fight on their daily lives.

Most of us are being challenged in some way by this global experience – whether that be in our personal life, our business, or our relationship.

But the biggest block to finding that gift is only seeing the problem, rather than the cause.

Because what’s really going on – is never as it seems..

On this week’s Living Lighter Facebook Live, I’ve shared:

1. How to figure out what’s really going on for you.

2. The 7 words you need to ask yourself to get beyond the problem

3. What to say in the heat of the moment, that can diffuse even the most challenging interactions.

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