Sleep And Weight Loss - Sally Thibault

For years, we have talked about exercise and healthy food as being the most important aspects of health, longevity, energy and weight release.

But now, research is showing that the right amount of sleep is as important in both releasing weight that no longer serves you and ageing well.

On this week’s Living Lighter Show, I shared….

🌸 How #sleep impacts on the two most important hormones for weight management.

🌸 How over-sleeping is just as unhealthy as under-sleeping.

🌸 My best strategies for getting a good night’s sleep.

🌸 The foods that stop you sleeping well, and the surprising foods that can help you experience an uninterrupted night’s sleep!

Click to watch and let me inspire you to put a good night’s sleep at the top of your ‘self-care’ regime.

After all you spend 1/3rd of your life sleeping…the focus on ensuring you sleep well will impact profoundly on the other 2/3rds!


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