New Solution To The Age Old Problem Of Releasing Weight

Why We Need A New Solution To The Age Old Problem of Releasing Weight

2020 has been a tough year. And for many people the year has meant added and unwanted extra weight.

But – while there can be a tendency to want to revert to old fashioned solutions ie- restricted eating and increased exercise to fix it – those last century solutions WILL NOT work any longer!!

On the Living Lighter Lunch and Learn Show I shared what needs to change, in order to release that weight, that no longer serves you.


1. Why the phrase “Ï want to/need to lose weight” will set you up to fail.
2. What has really caused so many people to gain weight – and why restrictive eating won’t fix it (in fact will make it worse!!!)
3. The key element to effective exercise that is essential for any woman over 45!
4. How this approach not only helps you in releasing weight, but also reverse ageing!

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