On this 3rd interview with Timothy Charles, I shared the next two steps in the 8-Step Manifestation Process.

Step 5. Ask The Right Question

Our brain does not like change. It prefers to be comfortable and safe- so adding change to any routine can feel really uncomfortable making us go back to the old habits we are trying most to change.

So when you ‘don’t’ feel like it’… or life starts to get in the way – ask “What do I really want” “What is going on for me right now’… “I feel I am procrastinating – What is really going on for me? “Am I fearful of success or failure.

And of course the big one “What do I need to do right now to still achieve what I want?

6. Transform Each Limitation

Understand your limitations are usually part of an old story or past patterns. Using modalities such as EFT, meditation or prayer can help you find and overcome those limitations.

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