On this 4th interview with Timothy Charles, I shared the final two steps in the 8- Steps Manifestation Process.

Step 7. Trust Your Intuition

Our individual intuition is our most powerful asset. It’s the guide that can have your take a turn earlier than you are used to – only to find out later you avoided an accident or traffic jam.

So learning to listen to and trust your intuition is a practice. Try doing things like not turning on google maps, and instead of trying to figure out yourself how to get to a destination.

Step 8. Release All Expectation

The greatest disservice we do ourselves is to have an image of what the ‘perfect’ outcome looks like. God often has a far greater plan for us, that we can possibly imagine. But if we hang on to an image of what WE think is how something should pan out- we leave ourselves open to disappointment and frustrations.

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