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How to feel Stronger Leaner and Lighter Master Class

Stress and uncertainty have certainly been the theme of 2020. And while most of us can pride ourselves on being able to adapt, for many of us, all that uncertainly has taken a toll in one area in particular…. our body!

And while there is nothing wrong with carrying a few extra kilos – the kilos that have gone on during this time, are not “”ordinary”

The fat that our body creates during times of high stress and uncertainty is visceral fat. Visceral fat, often felt about the stomach has ben linked to issues such as heart disease, Type II diabetes and some cancers.

And because that fat is not ‘ordinary’… .. the solution to releasing it is not relying on ordinary measures.

And the key is creating a holistic approach to releasing the weight that no longer serves you, first emotionally and then physically. And that includes….

1.Releasing Restrictive Eating and Embracing Intuitive Eating,
2.Learning how to exercise focusing on strength, posture, form & flexibility
3. Focusing on monitoring your Hormonal Wellbeing
4. Embracing your Emotional Wellbeing as a non-negotiable.

Next week I am launching the “How to feel Stronger Leaner and Lighter Master Class sharing with you how to holistically release the weight that no longer serves you.

If you are ready to do something different..this will help.

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