Mother's day, Sally Thibault, Timothy Charles

It’s that one day of the year that is supposed to be all about Mum… but the focus on the ‘perfect’ Mother’s Day can create tensions.

Do you spend time with your mother, your mother-in-law?

Perhaps your mother is no longer here and Mother’s Day is a sad time for you.

Perhaps you do not have a good relationship with your Mother and spending time together pretending everything is OK can be incredibly stressful and make you feel resentful

Or With 1:3 marriages ending in divorce in Australia, often there are step-mothers involved making everything more complicated.

So the balancing act to create the perfect Mother’s Day for everybody can be extremely stressful.

On this week’s Life Coaching Segment Sally chats to Timothy Charles about four ways to make Mother’s Day more enjoyable.

Above all, click on the image to listen to the interview.

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