Tapping On Fear Of Stepping Into Your Own Brilliance - EFT With Sally Thibault

Tapping on Fear of Stepping Into Your Own Brilliance – EFT with Sally Thibault

Do you hold yourself back?

Is there a fear that if you step up – that others might criticise or judge you?

Are you purposely holding back for fear of being ridiculed?

In this video today I share a tapping sequence that may help you feel more confident about being the ‘brilliant’ person you can be!

Remember these tapping videos are ‘generic’ – and will help take the ‘edge’ off the emotion, but to truly clear the block, working with a qualified and certified EFT practitioner can help you be truly clear of the self-imposed limitations that hold you back!

This is the era of the Wise Woman – the world needs your wisdom, your intuition and your experience to light the world and to be a role model for the generations of women who to come.

If you feel something is holding you back from truly stepping into your brilliance? I invite you to schedule a 20 minute FREE strategy session with me to see if and how I can help….. just click here to book

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