Tapping When It Feels Safer To Accept 2nd Best - Sally Thibault
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Tapping When It Feels Safer to Accept 2nd Best

Do you have those moments when you know you are accepting 2nd best?

When asking for, or expecting more, feels unsafe, uncomfortable or it just feels strange?  Perhaps you were told things such as “You can’t have everything”  or “How do you think other’s feel?”,… or “There is somebody always worse off than you!”

Sometimes in order to make us feel better, when we have failed in the past at something, you may have been told “Well at least you tried”  or “Not everybody can win”

Those words, people or events of our past that have us accepting second best, because it feels safer, protects us or stops us feeling vulnerable.

Success can be a tough, vulnerable place to be – with that feeling causing us to back away from success, rather than being disappointed if we try.. and don’t get there.

In this video today I share a tapping script to help you in those moments, when you know you are accepting second best

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