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Tapping on Feelings of Sadness throughout the CoVid19 Crisis

Today’s CoVid19 EFT Tapping video is all about releasing worry.

The situation we are in is changing hourly and I find myself oscillating from “We’ll all be fine” to worrying about things that just seem so extraordinarily unbelievable!

But worry doesn’t serve anybody. Its a future focused wasted energy…because the solutions you need you will find in the present.

Together we will all get through this!

Sally facilitates powerful one-on-one strategic coaching designed around your unique needs. There is no cookie cutter approach, she is a master at getting to your core issues and helping clear them … fast..

Moreover, believing that our most limiting beliefs, and self-sabotaging behaviours, show up in one of three areas – body, relationships or bank account, Sally believes that the path to healing one, is the path to healing all.

Specializing in, what she calls the last frontier, Sally shows you how to heal the relationship between food, weight and your body, to release the weight that no longer serves you, first emotionally and then physically, so you are free to build success, wealth and a life of purpose..

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