I am a great believer in the power of words… how you choose them and how you use them impacts on your actions and your reality.

Each year at this time, as I begin my review of the year past, I think deeply about creating a theme – in fact a one-word theme for the coming year.

It is a process I have been doing since 1997 – and each year, the theme has helped me to stay on path, make decisions, and always forms the basis of my intentions, meditation and tapping for the year.

The process I use goes beyond just picking a word randomly,

Rather it often takes a few weeks to unfold, then using the word, I create a series of anagrams, that are reflective of the intentions I want to create for the year.

And when I reflect on years past, is quite extraordinary, how the word has panned out

The power of the one-word theme is extraordinary… and on this week’s episode, I shared with you how it’s not just about choosing a word – but rather incorporating that word within your purpose, to create crystal clear clarity to achieve the success you want, and deserve.

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