THE WORLD RIGHT NOW | Radio Interview | Sally Thibault


Coping when the News is overwhelming

Mainstream media and social media combined are bringing such intensity and reality into our worlds. It seems like just as we thought life could be returning to some form of normality, yet again our attentions are diverted to another concerning issue.

While it can be so easy to fall into the habit of watching this unfold .. that feeling of not being able to do anything about it, only adds to our already overloaded emotional wellbeing.

Today Sally shares some strategies to help you stay focused when the news continues to feel overwhelming

Sally facilitates powerful one-on-one strategic coaching designed around your unique needs. There is no cookie-cutter approach, she is a master at getting to your core issues and helping clear them … fast.

Believing that our most limiting beliefs, and self-sabotaging behaviors, show up in one of three areas – body, relationships or bank account, Sally believes that the path to healing one is the path to healing all.

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