Tapping To Stop Wanting Sweet Foods Before Sleep | 1 Video

Tapping To Stop Wanting Sweet Foods Before Sleep

In Video #9 in the #StresslessOctober series I share how to use tapping to stop wanting sweet foods before sleep.

Do you have that craving for chocolate, or ice cream or cookies after dinner? Even though you are not hungry, you can’t seem to overcome that desire for something sweet to have before you go to sleep?

While there is nothing wrong with having chocolate or ice cream – the problem is that the sugar can cause your blood sugar levels to spike, and then cause a blood sugar level crash.

The hormone that helps regulate our blood sugar levels is Cortisol- which is also the hormone that wakes you up!

In the How to Lose Belly Fat video series, I refer to lack of sleep as one of the key indicators for laying down visceral belly fat.

In order to ensure you get a good night’s sleep, being aware of the foods you eat at night can help.

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